What Motorcycle Tachometer To Choose Digital Or Electronic?

By Dominik Hussl

When choosing a motorcycle tachometer there is a decent selection of manufacturers to choose from. Autometer tachometers are a brand that are well known. You also have Pro1, Shindy, Dakota Digital gauges and Lightning Performance to choose from. Each of these companies make a quality Tach for bikes. Autometer makes Tach’s for cars and has expanded to making them for motor cycles as well. This .line is called Pro-Cycle. When it comes to choosing the right Tach it is important to keep in mind the application that you are going to use it for. An easy one is a digital Shindy one. They are fairly easy to install and have a range of up too 19,000 RPM. Since most bikes have high revving engines it is important to find one that suits your application.

Autometer Tachometers are mostly electronic and come in a variety of sizes and variations. Their is bound to be one that suits your application. Autometer also makes tachometers that have integrated shift lights or you can buy the shift light kit by itself. In order to use a shift light you will also need a RPM activated module and a RPM Pill module kit. You can also choose from a black or white face as well as the diameter of the gauge.

Pro1 RPM Gauges are made to be integrated in to the riser of the bike they are to go on. Pro One makes several kits that are mostly geared towards metric cruisers. The Gauge is encased in a Billet Aluminum housing which is then either polished or ball milled for show quality looks.


Dakota Digital Tachometers are a multifunctional digital gauge that can be switched from voltmeter, oil pressure, water temp or oil temperature as well as fuel level or air pressure readings depending on the model. These are the types of gauges you generally see on custom choppers. They are bullet shaped and quite small. Dakota digital gauges usually easily mount on to your handlebars.

Shindy makes electronic and digital tachometer gauges for motor cycles. Both electronic tachometers by Shindy come in a black case with a white face. You can either choose a 15 or 18,000 RPM model. The other Shindy is a digital tach that is very compact and will work with virtually any model bike except for those with point ignition systems, Honda V-type 4-cylinder models (VFR750F and Honda Magna).

Lightning Performance makes a pretty cool looking electronic tachometer. I am currently of currently aware of 3 different Lightning Performance tach’s. They are all micro gauges and are easily mounted on to a handlebar. They integrate very well in to most motor cycles lines. Lightning Performance Electronic tachometers are CNC machined from a 5 lb brick of billet aluminum which is then chrome plated for a show quality finish.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a tachometer whether its a electronic or digital tachometer is to find one that has the right RPM’s for your cycle. Looks are definitely also a factor, however most of your aftermarket RPM Gauges are pretty stylish so the only real question is electronic or digital?

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