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According to alberta’s office of Traffic Safety, about 17 per cent of the drivers involved in fatal collisions were travelling at excessive speeds, and of those 19 per cent had consumed alcohol prior to the accident. Although only five per cent of licensed drivers are young, they account for approximately 13 per cent of major injuries and 10 per cent of deaths resulting from car accidents.

These statistics give the auto insurers operating in alberta, including calgary, numerous reasons to consider certain aspects, such as age, experience, and type of car, when assessing the risk of a driver (especially if the driver is young) causing a road accident. For instance, if you intend to renew yourcar insurance in calgary, your insurer will evaluate your premium based on the claims youve filed in the last year, your driving record, the vehicle youre currently using, the number of kilometres you drive per year, and any defensive driving courses youve attended. If you end up in the high-risk category, an insurance broker is your best bet for coverage.

High-Risk Driver: What Does It Mean?

Assessing and understanding any potential factors that can cause your insurer to labelyou as a high-risk driver is very important if you want to lower your auto insurance premium in the future. Here are several factors that most auto insurance companies focus on when evaluating car insurance policies.


Age: If youre a new driver (not necessarily a young one!), your insurer may assess you as high-risk. Thats because your insurer is aware of the fact that you might not have enough driving experience and the ability to make wise decisions in stressful, chaotic situations. As you get older, your insurer will probably offer you better rates if your driving record proves that youre a cautious driver.

Prior Convictions: If you have had a number of accidents and/or moving violations that have resulted in traffic tickets and demerits, you may find yourself labeled a high-risk driver.

Driving Under the Influence: A single DUI conviction will result in a high-risk assessment and also may result in your being unable to find coverage. Again, consult an insurance broker in this situation.

Other factors that may negatively affect your calgary car insurance rates:

Type of Vehicle: A luxury vehicle, a sports car, or a vehicle with a high miles-per-gallon (MPG) ratio may require you to carrymore coverage. Conversely, choosing a regular vehicle with a low MPG ratio can help you obtain a significant discount from your insurer.

Previous Auto Insurance: If this is your first car insurance you have ever held in Calgary, you will have to demonstrate several years worth of disciplined driving before earning lower insurance rates.

Accidents and Traffic Violations: Any accidents or traffic violations for which youve been held responsible will result in higher insurance premiums.

Car Insurance in Calgary: Finding a Broke

If youre a high-risk driver, getting affordable car insurance in calgary can be very difficult; however, its not impossible. The proficient insurance brokers working at lanes Insurance will find a way to offer you the policy you need at the best possible price.

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