Teak Or No Teak? The Pitfalls In Buying Teak Furniture

By Napton Teaks

Teak furniture is a beautiful addition to any home, but when you think you’ve paid for quality how can you be sure that you are getting the real thing? There is a small number of companies who may not be completely honest with you as to the quality and authenticity of what they are trying to sell you.

By making sure you follow these key points you can ensure that your furniture will last a lifetime and maintain its functionality and beauty:


— Verify that the furniture is constructed of 100% Class 1 teak wood – this means it is resistant to weather, insects, warping and is extremely durable. Often, furniture may be constructed from Class 3 wood such as Eucalyptus wood, American Walnut, Red Cedar, Japanese Oak, and African Mahogany. These woods are not as durable, susceptible to wood worm and need to be treated regularly with linseed oil if used outdoors.

— Buy furniture from manufacturers who use only plantation grown teak, which is reforested and government-regulated

— Watch out for the presence of knots, often covered by heavy oiling – this is indicative of inferior, young teak wood and will not be as durable as fully matured teak. Finishing is an option that should only be used to enhance your furniture and not for the concealment of inferior quality

— Make sure the construction is completed using proper materials – factors that determine quality are timber, brass or stainless steel fittings, and carpentry skills. Some retailers offer a lighter construction of teak furniture at a reduced cost, but this type of construction does not provide the longevity and reliability of heavier constructions

— Prior to construction, teak wood must be kiln dried – if it is dried precisely to an optimal moisture content of 8 – 10%, the furniture is dried to the core, which reduces or even eliminates cracking, splitting, and warping for decades

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