More Ways To Save On Insurance


The basics of saving on insurance include multiple policy discounts, good driver discounts and long standing customer discounts. There are, however, other ways to save on insurance policies. Here are a few more ways to save on insurance that a lot of customers may not think about or ask about.

Discounts with Other Organizations

A lot of insurance companies offer discounts to customers who are members of other organizations. Two huge organizations are AAA and AARP. These organizations have a lot of buying power and have negotiated with some of the insurance companies to offer their members a little more savings on their insurance policies.

Leaves of Absence

Another problem that some families face is paying for insurance for their kids when they are away at college. Some companies that offer Insurance In Lancaster PA have a program where they can suspend the insurance premiums for the kids while they are away. This is especially useful for kids that live on campus.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty discounts are actually known by most people, but the same people rarely take advantage of these loyalty discounts. When shopping for newInsurance In Lancaster PA, it is always a good idea to see what loyalty programs each insurance company has. Then, when the time comes, always take advantage of those loyalty discounts. Practically all insurance companies offer some kind of reward for being loyal.

GPS Devices

A fourth way to save is to allow the insurance companies to implement a tracking device. The idea was started by Progressive Insurance, but today a lot of other insurance companies are also offering a similar feature. This device is installed on the vehicle. These devices track where a person drives as well as their driving habits. Some people have reported as much as 60% in savings on their insurance (Bankrate).

Home Upgrades

Home insurance is not exempt from discounts either. A lot of insurance companies offer additional discounts for homeowners that do improvements to their home. Always check to see what these improvements are. If it is affordable then go ahead and make those improvements and request the discounts.

Insurance companies offer a lot of discounts. The key is to keep up with the different types of discounts that are offered. Take advantage of these discounts when they are available.

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