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Can the Atkins Diet Help With Gout?

When you look back at one of the very first to promote a low carbohydrate diet, William Banting was speculating that the diet could well help in dealing with gout and reducing the symptoms. His ‘Letter on Corpulence was actually published in London in the middle of the nineteenth century, around a hundred years before the now famous Robert Atkins floated the idea.

In today’s world where there is a lot of discussion about health and especially the treatment of gout, the association with the Atkins diet is one that has been speculated upon frequently over recent years. As with all conditions where there is no one cure for the problem, then looking for other diets or foods which have side effects which can reduce the symptoms of the condition can often be hit and miss.

As with everyone considering starting on the Atkins diet, if you are suffering with any degree of kidney disease you certainly shouldn’t be following this diet, and any dietary changes with kidney disease should be discussed with your doctor.

One of the problems in trying to ascertain the relationship between the Atkins diet and gout is that there hasn’t really been enough research which has taken into account the effect of the diet on levels of uric acid before, during and after being on the diet.

Whilst you are reading this article, then you really need to be aware of exactly what the Atkins diet is, and also to fully understand the role of carbohydrates in the body, and what happens when they are restricted. The best way to do this would be to read the most up to date book on the Atkins diet you can find.

One of the common criticisms with the Atkins diet is that it can lead you to be eating more protein and fat, but this will only ring true if you are looking at the diet from the outside. Whilst you are actually on the diet, you will find you appetite actually reduces, and most people will only eat red meat a few time every week.

There are reasons to think that the Atkins diet may have a positive effect for gout sufferers. When you consider that the main way to control gout is to reduce the levels of uric acid, and there are two aspects here that go together. Losing weight on any diet is likely to help you reduce your uric acid levels, and the results of any diets will improve by reducing your intake of high purine foods, so put together it does suggest that the Atkins diet can help. It has also been argued that the Atkins diet also helps with metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance.

If you are looking to help reduce your suffering with gout, and are serious about trying a diet that can help make this happen, then combining the Atkins diet with avoiding high purine foods could well be the way to help make this a reality.

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