5 Top Reasons To Use Bus Advertising

By Danny Pouladian

This article describes the top five reasons that any business, nonprofit organization or government agency should use bus advertising to promote its product, service or message. Read on to learn about the advantages of bus advertising for yourself.

Reason No. 1: Bus Advertising Cuts Through the Clutter.

With so many forms of outdoor advertising on the street, ads on buses stand out because they are on moving vehicles and are on the viewer’s eye-level. With large and bold colors, ads on buses capture viewers’ attention like no other ad form. For this reason, ads on buses have survived through the decades – almost as long as buses have been around.

Reason No. 2: Bus Ads Can Cover An Entire Market.


Bus media can result in coverage across the entire market with great frequency, while providing coverage in highly-targeted areas of the market. Because buses travel all over the city every day, the bus ads reach almost the entire market. And because bus companies have to use almost every bus in their fleet on a daily basis, advertisers are sure to see their ads on the street. Thus, the reach of bus advertising can be tremendous at low bus advertising costs.

Reason No. 3: Universal Bus Sizes Mean Multiple Market Placement.

With A Single Size. Because a bus ad is generally universal in size (e.g., 144′ wide by 30′ high for bus side – also know as a bus king; and 28′ wide by 11′ high for a bus interior – also known as an interior car card), advertisers can design a single size and place it in multiple markets. No having to mess with a specific size for each city. Graphic artists are grateful for this fact and often push their media planners to choose the bus ad medium for this reason.

In fact, in early 2010, in an effort to increase awareness about the 2010 Census, the U.S. Census Bureau covered over 175 cities with interior bus ads with just one size: 28′ wide by 11′ high.

Reason No. 4: Viewers Can’t Turn Off Bus Advertisements.

Unlike advertisements on radio or television or even the internet, ads on buses can’t be muted, turned off or closed. For this reason, bus advertisements have grown in popularity as other media has become more ‘controllable.’ Drivers and pedestrians can’t avoid looking at a bus advertisement as it passes them by. As other ad forms continue to lose popularity, more advertising dollars will flow to bus advertisements and the bus ad medium in general.

Reason No. 5: Bus Wraps Produce Large Impressions Figures.

An added advantage of bus advertising is the bus wrap. Literally wrapped around the entire bus (except the front), a bus wrap grabs viewers’ attentions and produces large gross impressions at low bus wrap costs. And with production methods improving, the cost of producing a wrap for a bus will continue to decrease, thereby affording more advertisers the opportunity to experience a bus wrap for themselves.

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