There’s No Place Like Brighton

Submitted by: Landon Colins

There is a city that literally sparkles, and no, it’s not the Emerald City of the movie, Wizard of Oz. It is a city by the sea in the southern coast of England, and you don’t need ruby slippers to get there.

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

The city of Brighton is the English’s answer to the Riviera. It started out as a charming seaside resort in the 18th century. The presence of the Prince of Wales at that time, however, brought this obscure little town to the attention of Britain’s high society. Today, the city is a chic metropolis with a stunning nightlife that can only be pulled off by most seaside cities, comparable to that of Ibiza, Phuket, and Boracay. With the sea as a backdrop, there are a million and one things to do in Brighton so you can be assured that not a moment will be wasted on boredom. Make the most out of your Brighton experience by day, and rest your weary head in a bed and breakfast in Brighton at night.

Life’s a Beach

For the beachcomber, there’s no perfect way to spend the day than to lie on the sand under the warm sun, sipping pi a coladas. Take a swim and listen to the gulls crying out overhead. It’s idyllic – to say the very least. The Westbourne bed and breakfast in Brighton is just a hop and a skip away from the beach. It’s not a strange sight to leave this bed and breakfast in Brighton clad only in a bikini. In fact, it’s encouraged! If you plan on staying inside, a magnificent view of the ocean from your room awaits you. The best part is you can fall asleep listening to the waves crashing on the sand. It’s paradise without the hefty price tag.



If a dash of culture is more your style, the Ascott House bed and breakfast in Brighton puts you right in the middle of the city’s rich cultural heritage. Take a stroll to the Royal Pavilion and marvel at its exotic beauty. Lose yourself in the Edwardian era by visiting Preston Manor, a finely restored home from that period. Just a stone’s throw away from the Ascott House bed and breakfast in Brighton is the British Engineerium, where you can wallow in natural hot steam and feel your aches and pains leave your body. Feel like a real photographer in Foredown Tower Countryside Center. The tower provides a sweeping view of the countryside from all directions so snap away and you can be sure that there will be no bad photographs taken – except maybe of you.

No Party Pooper

Of course, the party animals have their own little nook in this charming city. Partygoers must stay in the Granville bed and breakfast in Brighton. With its central location and proximity to the city’s bustling bars and pubs, this bed and breakfast in Brighton is ideal to those drunken night outs. You also don’t have to stagger too far in your teetering high heels after a night of serious dancing.

Indeed, Brighton caters to every taste, every tang, and every zest. Whatever floats your boat, you can have it all when you stay at a bed and breakfast in Brighton.

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