The Advantages Of Outdoor Heater Selections

By David A. Sorenger

Many people put in a great deal of money and time to build a beautiful back yard. Usually this includes a patio and a nice barbecue area. During the summer, many enjoyable hours are spent in this environment. However, only a few realize the pleasure that can come from enjoying this outdoor area during the winter months by choosing one of the outdoor heater selections.

These heaters are often seen in bars, restaurants, and other public places and can raise the temperature 10 to 25 degrees. The area that will be heated depends on its size. They can be powered by natural gas, propane, or electricity, whichever you choose to use.

The majority of these heaters are freestanding which means they are usually on a post with a conical covering. This type of heater is also available in electric or natural gas that can be mounted on a wall, or radiant heat that can be placed on walls or ceilings. These are very useful if you like to grill food, even if it is cool weather. There are also models available that can be placed on a tabletop.


Freestanding heaters are approximately 95 inches tall and more powerful than table models. Having the warm glow of an outdoor heater allows you to breathe fresh air and enjoy the different seasonal changes that take place in the outdoor area. There are many different models to choose from and the propane ones are especially enjoyable if you like to move the heat from one area to another.

There are some things to consider when choosing one of these heaters. For example, stationary heaters can be hooked up to a gas or electric line. They will not require a tank as is needed for propane. In addition, these heaters have several different temperature settings.

The heat from these units is measured in BTUs. If you have a 45,000 BTU unit, it will heat a diameter of 20 feet. Freestanding units have the advantage of being more powerful than tabletop ones so are advantageous when several people are to enjoy the heat. Most units are self-controlled regarding the temperature and will turn themselves off automatically that point is reached. Many have thermometers where you can adjust the temperature as desired.

When purchasing one of these units be sure to check the safety feature. Be sure that it has an automatic shutoff that will automatically shut off if it is tipped over or blocked by something. This is an important feature if there are pets or children involved and will prevent a fire or severe burns.

These outdoor heater selections can also be used in a garage or enclosed patio that needs heating while you are engaged in other activities. Regardless as to where it is used, it is an inexpensive and effective way to heat an area that otherwise might not be comfortable to occupy. These units make it possible to enjoy the outdoors, even in snowy weather. What fun to see the kids playing in the snow while father is cooking hamburgers on an outdoor grill. It is a fantastic experience.

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