Prevention And Termite Control In Oceanside

byAlma Abell

Termites are small but very destructive insects. Once they infest your home or structure, they will cause a lot of damage to your property if not taken care of as soon as you notice them. For their prevention and treatment, termite control in Oceanside offers the best options and services. Listed below are some of the most common methods used to control and prevent termite infestaion.

Chemical Methods of Control: In chemical control of termites, there are several methods used and each is effective in its own way. They include:

•Termite Baits


The most effective way to bait termites is by first inserting a non-baited wood in the termites feeding spots and then later replace it with baited wood. It is usually dipped in a slow acting insecticide which after being fed on by the termites eliminates them.

•Wood treatment

The wood is sprayed with termiticides before or after construction to keep the termites away.

•Convectional Barrier System

The soil around your structure is treated. This method should be carried out by a professional because any carelessness might be risky to humans and the environment.

•Termite Fumigation

This is the use of a gas which has sulfuric fluorite as its active ingredient. The house or structure is tented before the gas is sprayed to ensure full penetration. This gas is very toxic and may cause death to humans. The fact that it is colorless and has no odor makes it very risky. Experts however use it together with Chloropicrin and tear gas so that its presence can be noted. Chloropicrin causes eyes respiratory system irritation. After the required period, the tent is removed so the gas may leave the house. Proper equipment is used to detect traces of remaining gas. This method of termite control should strictly be carried out by professionals, and they should use self Contained Breathing apparatus.

•Extreme Heat

The house affected is tented then extreme heat pumped in raising the temperature of the woods affected. The heat effectively destroys the colonies in big numbers.