How To Deal With Class Clowns

How to Deal With Class Clowns


Nic Lino

All sorts of images probably run through your head when you think of the words “class clown”. You probably imagine a student that is always challenging a teacher’s authority, disrupting the class, and behaving badly in order to get attention, all at the expense of learning. If you’ve managed to establish control early on in the school year then your class clown probably isn’t giving you too much grief. Point of fact, they might even make things more fun for you.


Nothing is worse than a class that just sits by and watches like a bunch of wallflowers. You want the kids to be involved with the lesson. You want them to ask questions is they don’t understand. You want them to tease you when you say something wrong. You want them to chuckle at your attempts at being a stand-up comic. You want them to know that they can be themselves, and you will accept them for who they are. Once you open the door for kids to be themselves, you will always find a student that loves to be the star of the show. They’ll wish that they could be in your position, in front of the class, telling jokes, acting like a goof, and with all the attention. Each class you encounter will have its natural entertainer, and they will find ways to let themselves be known, no matter how much or how far you go to prevent it. So don’t bother so much about trying to prevent it, in fact you can encourage it up to the point that it starts being counterproductive to the learning process. You may find that you have a class clown that the entire class enjoys. If you make that person an integral part of your lesson then you will have an easier school year. They can be a compass that always points the way from boredom. If you class is waning the class clown can usually sense it first, and at this point you can give them an in. Ask them to explain what you just said by imitating the way you said it. The whole class will be rolling on the floor, but the net result is that they heard what you said twice, once from you and once from the class clown. Now they’ll probably remember it. So to wrap up, don’t fear the class clown, and don’t let them run the show. They can be your assistant and help you keep your lessons fun and interesting. If push comes to shove, you will have to lay down the law and let your class clown know that you can make a great ally or a formidable foe. The choice is theirs.

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How to Deal With Class Clowns