Finding The Right Bark Collar For Your Furry Friend

Finding The Right Bark Collar For Your Furry Friend


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If you find yourself getting embarrassed and frustrated by your inability to keep your dog from barking and annoying the neighbors, then it is probably time for you to look for a Bark Collars Portland company that can help you to manage the barking habits of your furry friend. Some people might think that bark collars are cruel and might injure your dog, but as long as you choose the appropriate bark collar for your specific dog then you won t need to worry about causing them harm. Here are some things that you should do when you are looking for the right bark control collar.

You should first figure out the type of bark collar that you think will work best for your pet before you purchase a random bark collar from a Bark Collars Portland company. You might be surprised to find out that there is more than one type of mechanism that is used in bark collars. The most common and well-known types of bark collars use electric shock to startle a dog and keep it from barking. This shock will not cause harm to your dog as long as you choose a collar and a setting that is appropriate for the size and type of your dog, but it will annoy your dog to the point where it should start to avoid barking because it doesn t want to experience the uncomfortable shocking sensation.


If you prefer to use a different type of method to control the barking habits of your dog, then you might be interested in purchasing an ultrasonic bark collar instead of an electric shock collar. Instead of causing an uncomfortable shocking sensation, an ultrasonic bark collar emits an unpleasant, high-pitched sound every time your dog barks. This sound can t be heard by humans but it is quite annoying to dogs and will typically cause them to stop barking in order to avoid the sound.

Another type of bark control collar that is available from most Bark Collars Portland companies is the citronella collar, which releases a citrus scent that dogs can t stand. Some of these collars also make a hissing noise as an additional warning to the dog before they spray the scent. Eventually your dog should learn to stop barking at the sound of the hissing noise in order to avoid the unpleasant smell.

As you can see, there are several different types of

Bark Collars Portland

that you can choose from, so you should do your research and decide which option is best for your lovable dog.

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Finding The Right Bark Collar For Your Furry Friend